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Windfarm Miaoli

Windfarm Miaoli

  • start of operation 


The windfarm is managed by EMIF since June, 2013.

  • location 
Taiwan, Miaoli County
  • size

Total 49.8 MW

25 Turbines Enercon E70 2.0 MW, hub height 64m, total height 100m 

  • facts

Wind speed: (64m)>8 m/s

Yearly reduction of CO2 emissions: ca. 130,000 t

The amount of electricity produced yearly is equivalent to the consumption of ca.40,000 Taiwanese households.

  • achievemnets 

Building site contracts, technical and economical planning, building permit, financing, call for tenders, co-investment*, supervision of building works, operation

* project partner: WPD AG

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